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Serious troubles running N1 MM on my Lenovo W510 W7-pro. At first glance after install it looked fine but then when trying to log an exceptional good 50MHz opening to midwest USA at 20 June, the input fields where wiped out as quick as I entered them... I saw the frequency display running wild at the N1MM input form. I was running 400W trying to get the attention of a W6 I heard at 50105 in contact with south -EU !! but he tuned away....  :-((( W6 never seem to run CQ?  Is it forbidden by Arnold Schwarzenegger because of the bad economic situation?? I thought it was RFI on the CAT prolific USB-serial to the Lenovo but same problem happend again in receive only at 10116kHz . The frequency display and the N1MM tuning ruler was just wild displaying anything but the right QRG... So now I am back to the old trusty P3 with W2000   I could not use Virtual XP either because it would'nt recognise the USB-serial. It seems to be a driver issue  with the Prolific. I thought to hav

ZL1JA WSPR 0.5W copied

last night i had WSPR running again at 30m with K3 on 1W copied at ZL 1JA with 1W and heard ZL 1JA 0.5W also ! sunspot 1089 Kitt peak USA Gill Esquerdo XT 2 EME was reported 50118 USB in OZ OH F everywhere ? but not here


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