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First 6m ES signal 2017

50MHz  OY es
2017-05-04 06:40  PA0O  50.294598  -19  0  JO33hg  2  OY1OF  IP62oa  1254

23cm: 2 local QSO's PA0T  and PA3EKM
4 beacons copied every day
G3MHZ  1296.830    JO02pb
OZ7IGY  1296.930    JO33wm       CW and IP  ID
DB0VC    1296.920   JO54if
PI7ALK    1296.916   JO22ip    fsk  cw id  tjirpy  no yet at

23cm   WSPR  ON5KTO  first decode ever at 1296.500 USB
lots of Doppler airplane reflections

Have to isolate the PLL 1050MHz pll
Now it is drifting a bit and 100Hz lower then at room temperature

the IC706 reports the 146.501500 MHz i.f. at
WSJT-X can report the 23cm TX frequency if the i.f. offset in my XVTR  -1.150 is set
nice feature  this is not possible in N1MM+  as far as I know
 UHF contesting  often using transverters  that would be a nice option

1296.830 GB3MHZ  JO02pb  signal here with airplane traces all over
USB dial 1296.828400  (i.f. 100Hz too low )