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28MHz S.A. FT8

short opening just after dinner came in and saw the FT8 screen  28MHz is alive sometimes and with FT8 this season  could be busy on 10 and 6 ...  Other subject My "WSPR Laptop"  Dell D420  that was running a few years 24-7  did not want to boot W7 anymore after i switched it off for a few months The Battery was no longer detected by the system and the low battery lamp is blinking continuous. It boots until the W7 flags start to wave  BT is activated then minutes nothing but HD flikkering  then the blue screen of death for split second and the cycle starts over again I have no image of this system a big mistake. With an USB bootable W7pro  version tried al possible repair actions  no result. Chkdsk found no serious disk errors. It is an OEM W7pro install no product key label on the PC But the W7 Product key was found with  Produkey  prog I thought to use this key for a new installation of W7  But this  registration key failed  although it was registere


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