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DAC 144MHz

Very good tropo and great activity in analogue modes at good old 144MHz The RSGB contest starting 1 hour later has very high participation. in the end several contact numbers were over 200 like SK7MW Took my old Braun SE400  back from the shelf. It is sensitive low noise has just few internal generated birdies No CAT connection in 1970  RF out is just below 10W. So i had a handwritten log like in the 70'ties.. It can be modified  replacing the old hot TTL frequency counter unit box right (5V 2A...) And install a PLL controller including CAT connection to connect it to N1MM logger. And WSJT-x  On top new  5ele 4M - 7ele 2m duoband  Below  7 ele 6m yagi  home brew Just in time this  4m / 2m duoband was ready in the mast that evening. Based upon  DK7ZB 4m 5 ele and VHF 3 band  design.  btw last weekend UKSMG contest Martin  IS0/DK7ZB  9++ signal... I wanted to replace my 3 band mini beam with a bigger 2 band 4M 2M no 6M elements Avoiding the risk to pick up to


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