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Antenna works fine watch the rare blue sky!

Every time I CQ my cat is looking strange Still not able to hear the difference between the 2el 6m and the 7 ele below. Possible the close coupling shares the signals? 1m  distance is short at 6m.  4m is showing a good signal improvement as one could expect from a much longer antenna. Still it is strange I would expect the shorter 4m elements between and behind the 6m element would suffer most from this interlaced type of antenna where the the cable is connected to the 6m radiator. And the 4m radiator is hanging next to the "active" radiator as a passive resonator coupled in the field. Next step will be removing the top antenna to find out?  I tried to hear some signal difference when shorting the cable of the top antenna. But no hear-able effect  only the SWR  jumps a bit. Tx power is picked up of course.


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