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1.908 MHz 100 + huge JA FT8 activity

Testing the East Beverage last night on 160m USB dial 1.908 MHz the JA HL digi allocation FT8
Using Flex1500 P-SDR .133  active bandfilter

Many JA decoded the Beverage produced similar signals against the inverted-L
Possible its direction should be more north-east now it is west / east in line with the ditches
or some damage done to cable have to investigate
I found the cable protection sleeve compleet filled with clay mud although the sleeve is closed but there are some cracks
There was no corrosion on metal parts even the little PCB where the 1:9 transformer was soldered on
was still copper colored!
This clay builds a conserving layer against direct water intrusion and corrosion

 It is a  pity that the nice PSK-reporter map shows only a fraction of what is received.
 and does not report WSPR  although it says report all
WSPRNET.ORG  is also missing spots, the server is slow and partly off line

ALL.TXT   JA calls  1.908MHz .

110+  JA seen in FT8  at the JA digi allocation over a few…