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23cm Transverter

My 23cm dish plus transverter  is now down  for revision                                          measured by ham 0.15 db NF!  it has a band filter                                                               this XVTR box is at the dish the feeder tube enters top left to                                                                  connect the relay as direct as possible                                                           The new SKY67151 LNA just fits in next to the relay replacing the SPF5189z                                                                         the SWR d-coupler say 1:1  with this combination                                          these Chinese eBay connectors  can not be used for 23cm 1300MHz                                     it will result in high SWR and lower output and possible instability My transverter is a modified DB6NT  + 30W PA And SPF5189z preamp 0.73db nf this worked very well F.i.  in oktober  test OM3KII w


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