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28.124MHz VK3KCX first decode this season

Sunday morning 28.1246 WSPR USB dial  using FLEX1500 P-SDR    dipole    24*7 The combination P-SDR .133  Voicemeeter VAC works much more stable as the VBcable VAC and the earlier P-SDR version. Saturday i missed VK3KCX the flex was at wrong freq. 3 day in a row EU  to VK3KCX  propagation This morning decoded VK3KCX with some power long time not seen 10m WSPR  De Lubach van de natuurkunde

U3S on the road again

1 week in Jordan short vacation with the U3S lent to me by PD0OHW   1 night stay in the dessert Wilson 10m mobile antenna on a metal pole. The other location was the Hotel in Petra at the balcon At the dead-sea shore hotel location antenna on the balcony  those locations where spotted by FY5GE and EA8BFK!  The hotel in Aqaba KL79 had a good high roof terrace to put the antenna on the fire steps... but i did not dear to put is there unmanned with the GPS blinking LED's .. One could get wrong thoughts about it...                              34 spots: Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2019-10-08 16:20   PA0O/M   28.126153   -28   0   KM70rh   0.1   FY5KE   GJ35   9557   274   2019-10-08 16:22   PA0O/M   28.126153   -26   0   KM70rh   0.1   FY5KE   GJ35   9557   274   2019-10-08 16:12   PA0O/M   28.126153   -28   0   KM70rh   0.1   FY5KE   GJ35   9557   274   2019-10-11 16:12   PA0O/M   28.126155   -24   0   KM71ss   0.1   FY5KE   GJ35


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