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PI4GN 23cm UHF contest weekend

PI4GN  i was guest operator  23cm At early close Sunday 8 May log 60 QSO 23 cm  mostly in CW pitty just could not make it with the OE5 in the end the wind came up strong summer weather in JO63ii 27C  only just a week before we had snow. 13cm abt 15 Q    9cm 6cm 3 cm few QSO's 1.5cm  was out of order  after contest found a shortcut in the 144 cable 70cm about 170 QSO Propagation and activity was low for a May contest. Saturday night: At 1296.240 MHz  I managed a first contact after 25 years that I was QRT on 23cm Got my old  23cm transverter back and on the workbench for test . Connected to a  IC706 at 144MHz Very strong local contest station  PI4GN  about 15km distance came in 59 On  a plugged in vertical rod  1meter a.g  55 report with about 2W . Before I dared to TX  i needed to make some protection for the SSB converter against the 144 drive signal.  The 144 XVTR port I made on the IC706 did not have enough 144 drive power for the 23 TX mixer. So


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