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Showing posts from March 13, 2015

E30FB brrrr

9 March  E30FB heard real loud 589 at 160m  but  after few calls had to stop due TVI...  never TVI  but now I had Again noticed the very bad discipline or no discipline at all  by many  callers Continuous calling while E30FB clearly already  trying to complete a going contact No accident but intentional. That does not help a lot.. Why this deliberate jamming ? that does not help anyone only takes extra time. That must be hams without contest experience or maybe they cannot copy Morse code  and go blind for the cluster spots.  No matter how many times this has been addressed it simply can not reach the brain of some.  And  absolute not only Italians are to blame but DL SM HB9. and PA? Not talking about mistakenly transmitting but really intentional calling while E30FB is clearly asking for a specific call sign. Other bands  just too much chaos  this is not my hobby. I am not equipped with  10x legal power to break the crazy hysterical pile. Of course this dxpeditions  round


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