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50 Mhz opening 29 June Zonnewende propagatie ( Summer Solstice klinkt als een darm aandoening)

BV6CC  very first time copied  Taiwan and DU6/PE1NSQ    using Steppir 4ele 60m cable  ACom1000 But we had to leave for an appointment ... This opening was even better then the Saturday before  it went further to DU6/PE1NSQ  BV6CC . How big is the chance  that such an opening happens exactly one has to leave for an appointment .. I think 100% it is typical for 6m. I could work remote but the real DX was drowned between the many EU callers

Replacing a Steppir coax cable is an easy job i thought

Steppir down for coax replacement. To replace the coax i needed to bring the Stepper complete down. By coincidence  the same afternoon we had a thunderstorm A so called supercell caused a lot of damage 25km east of me  here Luckly only short time strong wind and a shower rain. Supercell 27-6 Oude Pekela The plan was to replace 30m H100 with 25m RF400 low loss flexible cable. An easy job should fix it in the standing lowered mast in an hour or so.... But this took me all afternoon and part of the evening. RF400 is "the best coax in this diameter 9.5mm"  I used PL259  connectors of a higher quality This type is for semi-air or foam cable like RF400 but i first did not know what the "extra" ring is for. Afterwards i found that it should be over the braid against the gasket, then the braid must be clamped between the 2 rings the The opening of that ring is too smal to fit over the outside but does go over the bread. The lower ring bus is pressed i


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