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160m 80 60 10m WSPR Challenge and CQ160

CQ160  2016 ---- Ervaring in de CQWW160 Ik kon me niet herinneren in deze grote contest zo weinig W/VE en andere dx gehoord te hebben  slechts 7 M1 multi   W/VE hier top loaded verticaal  25m verticaal deel   niet erg veel radials  Beverage pal-oost en pal  west  350m lang voor JA werkte de Oost. B. niet JH4UYB was op de tx ant beter JH4UYB staat wel in het log maar er werd zoveel doorheen geroepen dat het niet 100% cfmd was alleen gehoord 1e nacht C6AGU    N0TT met werkbare  signalen  maar geen rx antenne voor EU?  heel kort  PJ2T snachts ben ik gestopt er kwam niets meer retour  160 leek wel dicht   terwijl je het toch juist van de nacht moet hebben Omdat de B. niet voldeed  de 350 m dubbel genomen  175m en noordelijker O-N-O gehangen  lijkt beter  gisteravond als enig EU 2 decodes  VK2XN op 80m  is geen slecht resultaat maar kan ook een uitzondering zijn. Na een vraag aan Remco PA3FYM over zijn ervaring in de CQ160  bleek het verschil enorm Bij hem veel W'

160m surprise

unexpected reply on cq test 100W  hoping for some points in EU  and then 2 strong USA  ham answered 20160116 2346   1831.5 CW   PA0O         599  246  KD6UO           599   002        3 20160116 2348   1831.5 CW   PA0O         599  248  AA6RR           599   002        3 AA6RR was  from Maine KD6UO from CA?  hard to believe in the present lack of propagation But today received direct QSL 

UKEICC contest

the first ever UKEICC contest deadline of logs 2 hours after end of contest ! nice contest nice website and state of the art deadline

K5P zzzzzzzzz

5259kHz Heard ZS6EZ  and ZS4TX  good signal in CW had to be split I txed at 5359 +100kHz  seemed a logic choice but no QSO I can only receive DX  lately VP8STI   was relative easy to work at 30 40 and 80 yesterday night not strong huge pile  fb operator, good operators do not attract that much lids Heard very weak at 160m  had to QRT 01:30 to late for me K5P  has been a waste of time and disappointing experience. Is it the Chinese Radar ? Now added 30m   to  dipole 30 60 80m good matching on 3 bands 1700Z prime time grey line   80m  Palmyra  K5P  (KH5) but  silence They where not allowed to stay on the island at night.. that means almost no window to EU for low bands.  Birds rules like we have in our wad coast area nothing is allowed. propagation was not bad at all   aurora reported a good chance for Aurora enhanced propagation as thats been observed at 80 and 160  many times during or after Auroral disturbance at SS 20160120 1710   3507.5 CW   PA0O         599  XW


Monday afternoon/evening  at arrive home from QRL heard good at 3524kHz best copy so far 559 The first time at 80m in W-EU?  so low chance with all the big guns in the waiting room It has to be early just before our sunset to KH5 i think  lost the signal before their sunrise Later 20m weaker arctic flutter  signal   they need huge ERP to get in the log from here. Palmyra K5P   poor signals in this propagation mainly working USA and JA Here heard only  at 7001 KHz today weak under heavy QRI  DQRM  tuners etc the usual lids earlier this week better Q5 cpy 7014   and  30m K5P  14081 RTTY heard but under decoding level. poor propagation  and D-QRM Repaired the "CQWW" damage to  40/20m traps The tuning is 100kc lower in the CW part  but adjusting the tuning of the elements is possible with the sections and topload. PE melted down.. now using PTFE tubes Perfect match low in CW part 40 and 20  tuning 100kc lower with the PTFE fiber reinforced


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