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QRM QRM QRM in a would be low noise QTH

28.074MHz  FT8 band  with S5 noise today ALL BANDS  are polluted with QRM  0 to 1300MHz S5 Noise 28MHz S7 21 MHZ whole spectrum is  30dB and higher noise plus carriers  digital smog  50MHz  30dB noise from the Solar EDGE broadband transmitter AT  Dutch Telecom say it is within the legal limits They could not even detect it on their mobile equipment It is legal to make RF smog as long as the GSM traffic and other services  is just good enough. 23cm 1.3GHz   never ending s7 QRM cracking from direction S-W 28 MHz complete covered with S5 sm noise day and night 50MHz  noise raise to 30dB  in the direction of SOLAR EDGE  system at 50m from almost 0 to  at least 150 MHz  every 200kHz  a group off digi trash carriers I have to investigate this myself The  Agentschap Telecom can only detect radio interference that exceed levels of 50dB on normal radio HAM receivers  5362kHz Stanag  signal from Denmark 9+60bd !!


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