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This year weak propagation    33Q/ 16states some few good signals heard but could'n get in the log stopped at 04 am had to get up 9am latest N1MM logger used  nice but could not really test it with the low QSO rate START-OF-LOG: 3.0 LOCATION: DX CALLSIGN: PA0O CLUB: CONTEST CLUB ZUIDWOLDE CONTEST: ARRL-160 CATEGORY-OPERATOR: SINGLE-OP CATEGORY-ASSISTED: ASSISTED CATEGORY-BAND: ALL CATEGORY-MODE: CW CATEGORY-POWER: HIGH CATEGORY-STATION: FIXED CATEGORY-TRANSMITTER: ONE CLAIMED-SCORE: 1056 OPERATORS: PA0O NAME: J.C. van Oosten ADDRESS: Oosterseweg 50 ADDRESS-CITY: ZUIDWOLDE ADDRESS-STATE-PROVINCE: ADDRESS-POSTALCODE: 9785TB ADDRESS-COUNTRY: NETHERLANDS CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4350.0 QSO:  1822 CW 2014-12-07 0124 PA0O          599 PA     K3ZM          599 VA       QSO:  1823 CW 2014-12-07 0126 PA0O          599 PA     W3BGT         599 EPA     QSO:  1821 CW 2014-12-07 0128 PA0O          599 PA     W8FJ          599 EPA     QSO:  1821 CW 2014-12-07 0


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