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DELL OPTIPLEX as radio PC and Eminent w-lan router

Purchased an Dell Optiplex GX620  P4 3.2GHz HT  75GB HD  small quiet PC  occasion for 99€. Has the trusty XP  OS  so i hope to got rid of the communication hangers with the USB-serial i have with W7pro 64b  and N1MM  Also i wanted to have a WSPR N1MM dedicated PC in the shack. This one is RF(almost) and audio-wise quiet and has low power consumption for 24x7x365 purpose. I gave up W7pro-64 with N1MM and USB-serial converter it is not stable i have to reset the interface too often it is meshing up my logging and it is a nerving me.. Until now no hangups it is quiet almost forgot it is running on the desktop. In the same shop i purchased an Eminent Em4570 router  to replace the  RF  noisy Linksys WRT54G with its build in 2 step-down very noisy switchers i could not silence the RFI in 14-30 MHz band. This Eminent seems to be of higher quality  it has a metal case  whereas the Linksys is in a plastic box. The WRT54G has 2 external antenna connections of type reverse-TNC  i use an ou


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