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High solar activity

No elevated propagation yet Sun remains  active. I was expecting something this weekend but propagation was flat. One day  8 VK decodes next day 1 only  on 80m. Good that WSPR does not give up like a radio operator would do after   listening to noise 1 day... Again we did  the weekend cycle trip. This time the long tour  118km Dry but  strong cold wind from north. No cold feet this time with the shoe sleeves.  Mean time WSPR  on 10 and 15 so I was active beit  fully automatic but better then being QRT i think. I let the ARRL SSB contest pass. No decodes at .495500     but this time again some setting was wrong again the  RX-ANT  was off  so the loop was not connected.  Looks like we can forget 160 and 600m the WSPR 160m results looks like 144MHz... a bit. Our 500kHz experimental licence was ended 1 January but later for some licences ? it was extended to 1 April.  I never received a notice about it.  I stopped TX-ing  already. Only SWL 500kHz now  my best result was  a 2


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