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RUSIAN DX CONTEST CW  together with BARTG RTTY Bands very bad  10m still closed in N-EU   even 15M poor. WSPR "DX index"  Not a single "DX"  counted in the 100 spots selected by distance  10M 80M 160M   been closed for days now. For my location "DX"  means to me: outside EU  4000km   To make an individual "DX index"  one have to set the level of "DX"  of course that is dependent of your location and  can not be an general valid  distance. WSPR 70.091 activity seems  to increase a bit No day passes without some PC issue  My  N1MM logger  PC a Dell Optiplex  had the annoying error to switch the monitor into a lower resolution  from 1680x1050 it should be for the Accer V223W   Now after reinstalling the 82945G intel driver the resolution does not fall back but the graphic card does not wake up from sleep.. In between the mouse cursor was jumping over the screen and showing index without touching knobs..  After few times


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