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80m WSPR is jammed by militairy 24x7x???

the 200Hz window is closed S9 +  digi trash  since 3 days   exactly  on 3592,600 kHz covering the WSPR band It must have something to do with Libya ?

VK7DIK 80M greyline still possible

VK7DIK shows exceptional results at 80m  where  normal WSPR DX is hardly exceeding 1000km in this time of year.  2011-04-18 19:00   PA0O   3.594170   -24   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731   84   2011-04-18 20:30   VK7DIK   3.594045   -27   0   QE28sf   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16731   307 

CQMM contest

CQ MANCHESTER MINEIRA DX CONTEST Never heard of this contest before. This was a very good opportunity to contact S.A. CE on 10 15 20 and 40m  f.i.  with good signals. 100Q  15 was real good  LP was possible but  no VK's on cw? really kept CQ'n  long time  S.A. strong and W6 & 7 came back. but no L.P. heard. now back to WSPR  when idle ..... "normal" (e)HAM's will switch off their rig... ;-)

21MHz Longpath to VK2DLI

15m has been very good in the evening / night   late to Westcoast USA  W6 W7 CM CN EM   But  tonight even to Australia  over South America  first the regular station in URUGUAY   also on 28MHz yes 1W...  i become more and more a QRP man.... the ACOM1000  is mainly used as furniture stand for my desk-lamp lately..  PA0O   21.096041   -20   0   JO33hg   1   CX2ABP/D   GF25hf   11463 but then!  Tadaaaaa! PA0O   21.096063   -27   1   JO33hg   1   VK2DLI   QF55hc  16545 longpath    not 16545  but    22000kM about rare to see longpath late open to VK2   that normaly happens more in south EU in the morning  15m has   JA but no VK   same time  28MHz has  VK2  and  VK6 but no JA 10m todays best DX  2011-04-16 08:20   VK2KRR   28.126073   -18   0   QF34mr   10   PA0O   JO33hg   16351   316   2011-04-16 08:30   PA0O   28.126017   -22   0   JO33hg   1   VK2KRR   QF34mr   16351   73   2011-04-16 07:16   VK6DZ   28.126112   -16   0   OF84ux   10   PA0O   JO33hg   144

83 Amateur overleg

Wat ik er  uit destilleer  Bedienen op afstand is toegestaan als je er voor zorgt dat de bediening alleen door jezelf kan worden gedaan. Ik begrijp dat dan WSPR onbemand is toegestaan. Operating WSPR unmanned seems  to be approved and regulated as long as no one but you can access it remote.  70MHz  nóg geen nieuwe ontwikkelingen... No 70MHz  allocation yet.  500kHz Heel lang afwachten op de  Wereld radio conferentie in 2012 pas daarna zou er iets kunnen worden besloten wat niet perse gunstig voor ons hoeft te zijn. Hoe de andere landen in de EU  dit wel voor elkaar krijgen? Wij zullen wel weer het laatste EU land worden. PA0  will be at the end of the line  for  new developments in the amateur radio field. 500kHz  permission is ended until further development after the World Radio Conference in 2012 Wel veel bedreigingen  : Lot of threats PLC   storingen WRC AI 1.15  HF radar  voor oceanografisch onderzoek hieronder is wel het laatste verslag  (

28MHz was.. real open

Jim-san JG1KGS   operates  VQ9JD   in  WSPR  also on top band  and 80m      nice  activity   160 and 80m  and higher bands 2011-04-05 22:50   PA0O   1.838014   -25   0   JO33hg   5   VQ9JD   MI62er   9098 Lots of VK on  28MHz  copied every morning.  The VK's have really got the taste for WSPR   also on 6 and 2m    Just 1 day later not a single VK on 10  and 80 / 160 as dead as a doornail... Just this Friday again VK7DIK  did decode me again 80m around grey-line time

Made an active antenna to compare

To compare with the K9AY loop i made a small active antenna   to the concept of PA0RDT I used a strip of double sided copper  clad  epoxy print 200x30 mm. The amplifier is a FET  U310  and  2N3053 emitter follower. This small capacitive antenna  did fit in a cycle bidon (bought on the Alp de Heuz once..)  Interesting this antenna  is only picking up the Electrical-field.  It is also a good RFI sniffler. I used a relative big pickup plane of about 3x20cm  at the risk of IMD but i wanted to compare this E-field antenna on the 137kHz and 500kHz bands. It works but the DCF39 TX at 138.9 kHz is about 30B stronger on the K9AY Loop. I have to check that out the difference should not be that big. That was at the low position (top picture). I moved it on top of the house about 8m a.g.   Now DCF39 138.9 is s9+30   the difference is about 20dB in disadvantage against the loop. The high position gave 10dB more signal. I have hea

28MHz looks like this today and the days before


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