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ES 30 June

Exciting spots 50MHz    W7 's worked in DL   nothing here.. JW7QIA  was only579   , more south everything was stronger JW7QIA was reported in ON  9+++   nothing new all seen before. JW7QIA  had huge pile working split worked before. Would been a new one on 70MHz ... but then only 599+ in ON and S-PA i am afraid  I heard 70.063 LA2VHF  559 JP53 then heard LB3AG would be a new call  cq 56 70.200   but he replied to an other PA3  much stronger of course and faded did QTF 0 CQ'n for some time in the hope something might possible over the North pole still we are close to the longest day  solstitium zonnewende  always the most interesting time for 50/70 MHz propagation . however last weeks we rarely had sun the longest day was overcast and rain. 6M was wide open OH SM2 ES LA JW7QIA  strong DL's backscatter working / reporting the rare W7 K7 west-coast square CN !! but i was in the middle  in the death zone as used before went QRT  too early? late


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