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144MHz ES 26 June 2017

Monday 26 June   A remarkable day!

Noticed cluster spot's   DL  reporting  TA1D/3  144.300

I switched on the old FT225RD  ( 30W USB 20W CW/FM)
antenna  DK7ZB 223  ( 2e 4m / 6m  3e 2m  mini antenna  f.b!)

After some time listening  some DL's calling at 144.300
And sudden woow TA1D/3  calling cq  Kadri from KM39BP  West Turkye coast
 In and out  i called several times  then signal became stronger S7 and QSO
woow  Turkye on 2m  never heard before even not in the golden ES years  of the 90's

audio recording TA1D/3

Monday band was very quiet few hams only no big pile Working hams could not be QRV
Sorry for the working class this type of special DX occasions always seem to happen outside the weekends.  In the past  the interesting DX at 6m allway happens at working days.
 2/7 * 100%  30% would be the weekend chance by calculation
Evening times are not as good for real dx or it must be afternoon just before dinner time
normally duri…

IARU 50MHz 17 18 June

Saturday morning new constructed 7ele 9m3 boom V-dipole radiator was placed in the mast at 22m a.g.   Replacing the HF + 5e combi

After frustrating experience with JT5DX
14 June 16UTC CW 519 1 hour copied cqcqcq
called 100+ times no response
Time for another attempt to improve the 6m set-up

Band was closed Saturday morning  even quiet at the JT65 276 !
It looked like it's gone be a contest type propagation weekend but....
In afternoon right from start huge activity strong ES signals  all Saturday.
Mostly EU  but also  PJ4NX  and PJ7/W9DR

Saturday even small pile ups   SP OK UA I S5 9A
very short skips  IO80  600km   EI SP OK
We where again in the middle of the reflection cloud
203 QSO first day   added only 70 on Sunday
Sonday Es signals still strong but hard to find new ones.
We just do not have a lot of customers at ES distance from  our QTH
East EU could tank G's and DL
The E skip from G land lands in more ham / contest populated area's it seems
Relative high QSO num…

17 JUNE 2017 BIG ES 144

+++ ATTENTION: 15:30 UTC - HIGH MUF +++ +++    Amazing ES event on June, 16th. Data of more than 2350 QSO already arrived. Please send your logs!    +++                     source  MMMonHF

fantastic long opening
Starting 9:57   144.311 UR3EE
12:47  last signal heard R3KK  529 CW cqcqc KO90  did not hear me
some very strong signals UR3EE 9++
                                        UT4UEP  9++
 and others over S9
mostly SSB

Using the  FT225RD  30W   +  3el    DK7ZB   223 3 bander
FT225 digi noise and birdies very sensitive receiver
managed to contact 9 Oekraine

 UZ2HZ   KN69RA  hrd
US0GB  hrd
UT7EL    KN77en  59 x 59
UY7QN  59 * 59 KN77mj
UR5UI    59 *59  KN59BS
UR3CT                 KN59RS
UR3LX    59 hrd
UT7EW  59 * 59 KN78mn
UW5EGT 59 * 59 KN67pw
R3KK       529 hrd  KO90

had to leave     between 11:40 --- 12:47   Oekraine signals 144 still 9++
possible  LO or LN  main squares missed?
but i had to leave..

I won…


I do not know how it happend but i got one log record with empty call sign field
This was reported by TQSL when trying to upload my log to LOTW

N1MM can not remove a record with empty call field i found out.
Deleting that record is normally confirmed by N1MM
But the faulty QSO record does not remove.
Here 3 PC's  in the network running N1MM  PC3 has IC706  + XVTR  23cm
PC2  is running WSJT / WSPR with the K3 or logging N1MM
PC1 the fastest Laptop is for contest use
All PC's have N1MM  and TQSL /LOTW
Deleting a QSO that is logged by an other PC in the network is not allowed that makes sense.
To delete that record I filled in a fantasy call DE1LET   and then it can be deleted for real.
You would think:
So what, let TQSL ignore the empty record,  just update it.
That's what i did
But  when checking in LOTW  QSO's where missing just after the "empty"field
 that happened to be my season best DX of course
among  6m   several JA
50 MHz  DS4EOI      2017-06-08   9…

7 8 June 2017 huge ES

June 7 2017  super ES propagation  not  favoring  my QTH as usual
 JO33HG in the middle  in the eye of the ES  dx happens over my head

 17:23Z  144.300 HA8HI CQ ES 59 one time loud  but gone  ms / es
 17:32     144.300   YO3FAI  heard several times CQ


 later 50MHz   KP4 FG    some USA  but here just a few
no reply to cq
 USA signals far better to HA OK etc  not here
Only a few crumbles of the DX  could be copied here
possible my 5 ele  is not good enough?

Most DX heard only very few QSO
ES DX if it  comes it comes in waves signals can be gone a minute later.

June 8
evening  short open to West USA
17:47 WA6OSX CM97 -10  R-06  working DL
17:51  N6ML      CM97eq       -13  working  DL

The morning very open to JA
50.276 JT65  lot of JA  heard
 just a few 2-way due volatile signals  most calls only seen once and gone
 To improve 2-way QSO   replay with report to CQ  will help

 all time NEW tadaa    made me forget all missed  DX last days
DS4EOI PM37  Korea new DXCC

june VHF UHF SHF contest

Alleen 23cm  meegedaan

22 QSO  na vele uren
Veel activiteit in EU in deze grote contest. In Nederland slechts 2 stations op 23 !
Deze contest is blijkbaar onbekend.
Zonder ON4KST  is het maken van verbindingen  op 23cm haast uitgesloten.

VHF UHF velddag  contesthelaas net 2 dagen te laat na de goede  tropo op 23cm  nu zeer matige propagatie overal in W-EU  veel regen  in Groningen prachtig weer.

Opvallend in Nederland doet slechts een enkeling mee aan deze contest
Niemand heeft er blijkbaar interesse om verbindingen te maken op 23cm
De SG labs 23cm transverters zullen wel voor de heb aangeschaft zijn?
In Nederland met wilde regelgeving is het ook moeilijk gemaakt om antennes te plaatsen.
Alles moet kunnen maar niets mag.

Het signaal van PI4GN  ontbrak nu  op expeditie F4VSG/p  in JN39FL
Veel regen daar,  ik hoorde ze zaterdag gelijk redelijk maar ik moest QRT
Later op zaterdag avond  De antenne rotor in JN39FL met stop op noord
moest voor mij helemaal rond over zuid en daarna was het…

JT65 opening to JA

6m seemed  dead when  i came at the radio  early  06\\\\\\\utc  but  i saw JA was worked  from JO32  here at first  nada JA
Then 07:20  UTC sudden band opened  here too with JE6KEA  -20  first call decoded
then a lot JA  signals  JE6HJT     -13 JI4UEN     -11 JA6TEW   -11  JN4MIV    -17 JE6KEA    -13      JH4MGU   -12  JI4UEN    -12  JH4IFF    -10  JH3VJV   -9 JA9AVA     -2  JF2WXS  -18 JA5FJJ      -22
JA3EGE    -21  PM74
JR2WYD   -12       PM84   JN1JFC     -3    QM06   
relative few 2-way contacts resulting  because of the fast QSB JT65 is a magic mode  but the slow  exchange cycle of 1 minute kills most QSO's 1 minute cycle  is too slow for the  deep QSB on the fragile JA signals Responding to CQ  without report takes an extra 1 minute exchange  that was too long for most
JA calls that replied. 
Started to be more active with JT65  a lot of interesting DX  seems only to be in JT65
JT65  50MHz  50.274 shows huge activity  and real interesting DX  that is not easy heard in class…

23cm tropo

Very good tropo over North Sea  direction N-E  last night  in  SW  all beacons normal level
  My first  LA  with new 23cm station     since 30 years..
 very strong radar sweeps but my new 23cm RX did handle it without problem

jo33hg up to s9 tks Jan
PA0OLA3EQ1296200 jo28xj 2037z 01 JunLA3EQPA0O1296200 [LoTW] tnx qso....lot of QSB2032z 01 Jun

 tried with    LA4ANA        no copy  too far inland           JO59CU

no one else !

heard again
 LA1UHG  1296.852 MHz   JO59fb     long time S9
 OZ7IGY    1296930             JO55WM   S9+
GB3MHZ    1296830            JO02PB     normal S4
PI7ALK       1296915            JO22IF
PI7QHN        1296.906          CM53b ..
ON0TB        1296.950           JO30BM
DB0XY        1296.913          JO51EU
DB0VC         1296.920          JO54IF
PI6ASD         1296.637          CM55    linear transponder

new heard
SK6MHI     1296.800           JO57TQ
SK7UHI      1296.805           JO57TX
OZ1UHF      1296.955           JO57GH
OZ1SHF      1296.900          JO45W…

JA9IPF 6m JT65

Grumbling can help ..just when I wanted typing:  I can't hear any serious DX here.

I see JA9IPF -5! replying for  PE1HXK    the first time  Japan in JT65  on the screen
I called CQ  low in the window 800Hz   i saw Henk did not reply to JA9IPF

DX exception to JA   JA9IPF and JA9AVA heard in QSO with JT1CS  and faded
opening was too short for more  i did not call CQ earlier i lost faith for DX...
Normally DX is not reaching JO33hg

so if grumbling helps i try again...

why can i never ever hear a BY BV3PU  or JT1CS here
 like G4FUF can, as long i have been on 6m G4FUF seems to hear and work every DX I can only dream of.
 Building a better antenna? I tried several longer beams including the quiet LFA   but it never seems to make much difference
The ground wave beacons are weak and stay weak 
no matter how much aluminium was up in the mast.
And why at  prime rare DX time , "local" ground wave ham's keep responding a cq DX?
sure i like to reply any calls but please do not waste va…