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XE1KK 29290 S9+

Need I say more   ?   Mexico in FM on 10m XE1KK FM 29.290MHz JH1SCD 28MHz FM recording Today I felt a bit like a Greek ham... No QRL and 28MHz filled with DX ;-)) I had fixed the "ARC" problem in  my 160 inv. L-vertical by using a spreader wire along the rotary dipole. To separate the vertical wire from the metal parts. Since the wire carries very high RF voltage at the top. The Insulation was browned out at some parts. Also with low power there was a short-circuit.  I could not TX in windy conditions. When testing the antenna and trying to hear anything from T32C on 80/160  found that  160m was not as bad as I and others thought.. I was heard well in JA heard a few JA's and could easy work HL5IVL @ 1821.5   and  later heard KH2/N2NL  again at 1826.5  weaker then the days before but now I could contact for a new one thanks Dave! I have extended the inverted L with 3m wire tuning it below the band and now using the tuner to match it.  I hope that the max cur

WOOW WOOW cycle 24 came alive..

28MHz sounding like 20meters all day. KH6MB    TX3T Tahiti (4 band slots)     T32C  Kiritimati  Chrismas Island (12 band slots)   VK ZL many JA's  strong   USA West coast I was back home evening in time to catch TX3T and  T32C cw and phone at 28MHz and 21Mhz  Busy times with 2 DX-peditions  and super propagation. Not yet heard H40KJ  A35CT Tonga  RTTY 21MHz  right over the north.  Everything seemed to be possible today. But tonite 28 closed earlier then the passed days. Does this mean that the extreme 28MHz propagation is over fttb?  Low bands are rather poor  no sign of T32C or TX3T so far. T32C is only reported in the USA and Pacific.  but KH2/N2NL  heard last 2 days at greyline around 20UTC  1826.5kHz I have a shortcut in the vertical could not TX.  The vertical wire isolation is worn and the wire is touching the metal mast/ antenna  in the wind. 


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