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Thursday 14 July Nice weather in Groningen

In west and south PA JO22 weather emergency warnings  In Groningen JO33 no wind,  nice temperature  no rain all day We had very pleasant quiet evening. Same time in SW Netherlands flights where canceled and streets flooded. Just 200km away. 1 evening 5 decodes by VK7DIK 1 by VK2XN  next day zero.. And yesterday again no dx decode during greyline peak ~19-20UTC at 80m although  my neighboring ham had a decode earlier  2011-07-14 20:14   PA0HCK   3.594029   -27   0   JO33ld   5   VK2XN   QF59ar   16105 But much later  at 22:02   the latest decode I have seen. 2011-07-14 22:02   PA0O   3.594141   -25   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731   84 some  propagation disturbance must have been there that recovered later i guess  


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