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430 - 440 MHz invasion of robots and SOLAR EDGE QRM Machine

In the past years we tried to find one clear frequency in the 430 440 MHz range for a local standby frequency Not a single FM channel can be found clear of junk al kind of data pulses every where pop up Or  repeater outputs in DMR data show up after a few days on a new  found clear channel Simply the whole 10MHz is overpopulated ! now i listen 434.000  unidentified pulses Why do  HAM's  have identify  obligation? Maybe we should also use DMR encrypted and let the software fight it out... Then the SOLAR EDGE SE6k  QRM Machine Was installed 3 year ago at my neighbors 50m north of me It makes my radio deaf for weak signals on all frequencies  specially at 2 4 6 10  12 meters with  a noise band 10 20 dB  and digi trash carriers from MW till UHF Our Agentschap Telecom say once it it installed those systems do not have to comply to any rules?  Last weekend good tropo with inversion duct over the North Sea  i heard 23cm  3 LA beacons with signals to s9 +20  Special effect


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