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6M / ES 25-June

Now K3 + XVTR in use  manual switching the power to disconnect 12V XVTR144 before  start to TX   70MHz now heard LA8VHF 144.480 S1 LA1UHG 1296.860 23 stronger  to s5 last night Aurora signals heard at 4m LA9BM cw 55A and TF1VHF 70.057 loud  for PI4 tune  USB  700HZ lower even JA was workd by OZ in JO44 just 300km n-e of me  over North pole pity that the QTF is not noted in the spots is it direct QTF 0  or  NNW NNE  the rotor stop is 0 some glimps of DX here in JO33hg  25 June June has been very poor in real DX  here sofar signals very thin -17 -20 and only short decoded other parts off EU seem to be in  better position


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