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Top tropo 6M ES

Finally summer inversions are here
one day 33/34 to warm C next day 19C..... to cool ..
Very dry season again no rain.
Friday 28 June  Saturday 29 June
Very special tropo  path over land, first time ever to hear 1296.855 EA2TZ IN93BF  1278km
2 mornings around 11 seems to be the best time, in a row copied weak with QSB but Q5 1296.855 MHz tropo
But i did not catch a human EA no matter my advertising at KST2ME or cluster
Wrong timing  i feel this could be the rare unique occasion .
Possible for the EA1/2 it is normal  DX to G over water path but over land it is rare.

The 1296 MHz XVTR is direct behind the dish
30W and SKY67151 preamp
The i.f.  146 -148 MHz IC706  146.8850 # 1296.8850

A 2way with Guy F2CP at almost the same DX 1248km IN93GJ was in CW and USB
2 beacons  at 23cm not bad EA2TZ 1278km and ES0SHF 1141km

But 144.174   EA2XR FT8 a 2-way

Earlier besides the 3 LA beacons booming  in and a lot of radar signals

Beacons not heard before
longtime S9…