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Stew Perry 160m DX challenge December 2014 en 70MHz XVTR test

147 Q  716 points 15x W  3x VE   best DX was 22 points best  signals from EM main grid. P4/DL6RAI FK42  one of the best (few) DX signals  but total deaf for EU calls. Very weak TA signals absolute the poorest propagation ever during a SP here. Never happened before  not one RBN  spot in W. Now a Beverage 450m in direction West high expectations of it. The first RX tests at 630m looked very promising. G's  from West came in 6-10dB stronger compared to the TX vertical. But something must have changed since I could not reproduce that first good results. In the SP the Beverage was not better then the K9AY So I have to check in the field. Stew Perry  Alleen de nacht van zaterdag op zondag meegedaan Ivm TVI  op de  KPN Motorola 1863 kabeltuner. 160m zeer matig deze keer zwakke signalen uit W 15x en VE 3x De Beverage richting west viel ook niet mee de K9AY won het. 4M   70MHz 70MHz  XVTR weer aangesloten op de oude FT102  met FM module. De preamp met BF900 leek


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