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Beverage and software issues continued

West-Beverage in use now some weeks  works real good. But the east direction was missing. At least switching E-W must be possible . F.i. 16 December 160m  lots of  JA heard some 599 but deep in the noise on the TX  antenna. Tried a bi-directional Beverage last year but the result was no success. So now i set up a 2nd  east Beverage Saturday I need to follow the east west pattern of the ditches avoiding crossing the land strokes s As long as catle is on the fields only E-W Beverages are possible I  had 2 wires about 330m long former army field telephone wire  twisted.. Steel wires with CU   core  20 OHm / 330m very strong insulated wire perfect for Beverages . It was a touch job to untwist a 330m line.. Now i could pull relative easy  the 2nd  wire from the West Beverage to use it for the 2nd East Beverage.  Relative easy... Most work in the dark it is special setting up Beverages good training too. I walked at least 4 time


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