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BUT.... Worked like a charm but  then a system update did crash  it again suddenly a message you are offline! no network device found... and a red sign like a trafic sign  right top of screen the update was not valid and not installed yes that was the last action when the network adapter was still working it was updating  system software You should not do that in UBUNTU !  if you want your system  not to crash... so another  install have to be Starting from the CD the networkadapter was found so its not hardware then i is getting to approach Windows now... that installs here only one time.. My impression of UBUNTO is very good  it did run 1 week without issues It is very complete UBUNTU runs cool. It took about 5GB on the HD Connects quick with WLAN  firefox had stabilized.. It recognized my IOMEGA external drive instantly I could not get the Brother DCP 750CW Wlan printer to work no driver matched this was easier in W7 Then I wanted to install WSPR First I fo


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