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Good yes good! no typo.. propagation..

Yesterday  160m had a good greyline opening   also 6m  was open in the evening. Band hopping  6m 160 and 80 is working good with the extra switch those 3 bands are interesting for WSPR  maybe 10m  would be good to have as 4th band. The other bands are crowded enough already. 6m   7 decodes 2011-07-30 17:36   CN8LI   50.294416   -5   -1   IM63nx   5   PA0O   JO33hg   2395  160m 1 decode  very late i switched to 160 late It has been some time ago that VK6 was reported in Europe GW G PA, F  2011-07-30 22:34   PA0O   1.838061   -23   0   JO33hg   5   VK6DZ   OF84ux   14400  many decodes of T61AA 1 decode by A45SWL    80m   2011-07-30 20:28   PA0O   3.594088   -17   0   JO33hg   5    VK7DIK    QE28sf   16731   3 decodes not bad 2011-07-30 22:44   PA0O   3.594084   -12   0   JO33hg   5    VK6BN    OF88ac   14046  -12   5 decodes   flux is 113   JA  was worked in JO71 @50MHz today. I was cycling not that anything could be heard in JO33hg .. WSPR was on 50.293 runni


After being in Germany for QRL during some weeks. In Schladen in the Hartz area. Last week we stayed in the small beautiful middle-age city Hornburg close to the former Ostgrenze.  Not far from the Brocken 1050m.  I can recommend this pension ***    nice place quiet, wlan free. Now finally some time for finishing this. When away i let WSPR running remote i can control it even from the HTC phone but I could not switch to 160m The K3 has ANT1 and ANT2  + some RX TX ports It can handle 2 antenna/bands in WSPR  ANT 1 is connected to 6M 7eleLFA or  160m vertical  through a   manual switch. ANT2 was connected to the 80M  vertical. To be able to switch more antenna's  I made a relay controlled ANT switch. A small professionally made chromium-plated brass box was resting in my junk-box for years.  Once  it was used  as RF switch too but with diodes and odd connectors. I got 4 good quality PL259 plugs from Hongkong 2€ each free shipping! Too late I

Radio tower Smilde

This is partly radio related.. Crash after short fire.  15 Juli 2011 Smilde Tower   An unbelievable crash  Friday 15 July. Same time the 2nd other highest TV Tower had a fire emergency and had to be switched off some time. Almost all Radio services in the northern part of the country where shut down. The  MW transmitter at 747kHz  was suddenly the only way left to transmit Radio1. The emergency radio where citizens have to tune in when a disaster happens..  The level of our emergency  system is perfect demonstrated (in Dutch) by our comedian Freek de Jonge. rampen instructies The MW  had to be powered up again and  I could listen again while travelling in Germany the next week. Once upon a time travelling by car in EU one could receive this MW very good at night. At this almost 300m high  TV tower in Smilde no one is 100% responsible for operating this radio tower.  Our public services for Energy communication health transport are all affected by privatizing. This i


CQ World Wide VHF Contest Lot of activity   this afternoon. Band open to east  and  EA  EA8  CT3 Later in the evening we also could  hear 9Y4D and 9Y4VU then again PV8ABC FJ92  came in  also PV8AZ  PV8AX all FJ92 PV8ABC still did not hear much .    Strange  again only those 3  in FJ92 where heard and only  9Y4D and VU  for long time  2 hours . Strange band 6m... FJ92 is deep inland  why no spots of PZ  or FY? I remember the dxpedition to 8R  few years ago  they where heard every day.  Close to the seashore they where that was the explanation of their extreme good signals.    

Thursday 14 July Nice weather in Groningen

In west and south PA JO22 weather emergency warnings  In Groningen JO33 no wind,  nice temperature  no rain all day We had very pleasant quiet evening. Same time in SW Netherlands flights where canceled and streets flooded. Just 200km away. 1 evening 5 decodes by VK7DIK 1 by VK2XN  next day zero.. And yesterday again no dx decode during greyline peak ~19-20UTC at 80m although  my neighboring ham had a decode earlier  2011-07-14 20:14   PA0HCK   3.594029   -27   0   JO33ld   5   VK2XN   QF59ar   16105 But much later  at 22:02   the latest decode I have seen. 2011-07-14 22:02   PA0O   3.594141   -25   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16731   84 some  propagation disturbance must have been there that recovered later i guess  

Mount Athos SV2ASP/A

50.180 MHz yesterday evening om Apollo SV2ASP/A  was active S5 -6 max  deep fading. He hears well. New for me. many strong Balkan signals    EA/EA8/CT SV Also heard  EA8MT A92IO    50.034 D4C  HM76MV 50.034 CS3BSM IM12OR  G3USF beacon list entry differs in call and freq 50035 CS3BSM Santo de Sierra IM12OR 40 Horizontal A1 24 0711 50034 D44C HM76MV 40 Vertical Omni A1

6m propagation back to default summer WX back to autumn.

After the short and last weeks only? opening here Friday afternoon and evening. the band returned to default noise. Only sometimes SV CT beacons where in. Not even  decoded by VK7DIK last night on 80m Crisis! 6m WSPR running all day not a single decode or trace.  is offline tonight for unknown reasons again.  The bands are abandoned everyone is camping in France ? Still could not use the Versa tower.  cable's are rolled out to the other end of the barn. The obstructing tree is trimmed. All is prepared  but the top rotor section can not be found to test the cable. The 6m season is going to an end soon  as far as it was ever present .. The only  usable opening to BA4SI   was missed..  XV1X  not heard TJ not heard here J88ARC only the beacon. Just a few interesting DX locations active WSPR 6m   T61AA  4X4 OD5 CN8LI  KP4 WA1. Noone in CT2 CT3 EA8 D4 PJ     most om's prefer QRT instead of setting up a beacon in WSPR  that is clear. Still it is July the ES

6 open to USA

Just arrived home for the weekend from Germany again  like last Friday  found 6m open.. First signal heard was N3DB at 50.107   Good signal heard 1 hour   and later the evening W3LPL called   both worked before Then heard NW0W at .093   good signal from EM47 best dx heard    some time good signal  easy to QSO Then the band shifted back to South - east EU again. It is easier for W to work 1000-2000 km more as long it is in the south like SV9  NW0W 2011-07-08 15:06:01 6M CW 50.09300 already confirmed  1 hour later  WSPR was on when in DL Still  decoded by VK7DIK  regularly on 80m greyline. 160m was by mistake switched to the dummy load  that is still a bit worse than the real antenna nowadays. I need to have  a  remote antenna switch   to be able to switch between  6m and 160/80

The KST chatbox effect . Wishfull calling.

Listening at 50.090  4S7AB  was worked in 9H SV   Never heard a ping of him. Only heard Jose EA7KW exchange 519  and few others in the deep south of EU positioned more Africa then EU in fact. But some PA om's seemed to hear him well ;-)  Every once and a while like timer controlled I heard  calls  I doubt they ever heard the 4S7 Many weak scatter signals heard calling but not the om himself. Must be the KST  effect  .  Just give your call  and when hearing something like a report its a bingo! A91GE  cw  a real signal  and  A45XR in RTTY S9 No trace of  BA4SI or XV1X  shure  it's weekend ;-)

6M found open to Balkan and later SA

First easy to work   20110701 2005  50086,6 CW   PA0O         559  PJ2BVU          559                     20110701 2011  50097,0 CW   PA0O         599  PJ2/DJ9ON       599                       2 hours later 20110701 2253  50100,0 CW   PA0O         599  PV8ADI          599         fj92        20110701 2300  50110,0 USB  PA0O          59  PV8ABC           59 Washington  fj92          Good signals from Brazil  long after midnight! Only FJ92 heard   2 QSO Later also in RTTY  PV8ABC 50.140 Hard to work  big piles  but still cq  they could  not hear much in RTTY  full power no response. audio recording

No internet in Gemany

Again in Germany for the job this week Stayed in Bad Bevesen   very nice place very quiet too. No internet in the Hotel that is too stressful ... The thunderstorm made that I had to let switch off the WSPR PC and antenna. So not QRV at all  this week. Not even in WSPR There where some nice openings reported at 6m  even in my area. JA BA4SI  the one I could not hear last weekend.. Caribbean area  again. J88ARC  heard 2 times now  it is still a new one for me  I missed T89PAK  also. Well it is not that important  maybe next year... Just the RUN to USA  the weekend 18/19 June was my best result In the yet unknown contest !!  I still do not know what contest this was  must have been the UKSMG  test ?   But that one was  not announced   for 18/19 June  but already had been on 6 of June. The SMIRK was announced in that weekend. I send my log to SMIRK but it returned. Converted the log to  UKSMG contest and send it to them... I think that was a fake contest  once s


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