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Ponyprogging ATMEGA328 U3S

No more 6m signals from Japan  time  to finish some projects After faulty applying  12V on the QRP-LABS U3S smoke came from the BS170 Display back-light ceased out U3S was dead did not boot the ATMEGA328 was blown. Placed the working U3S in its case Applied  power on it but forgot to check the Voltage  major mistake. The ATMEGA and the BS170 where smoked but no other damage The  Si5351a Synthesizer board has its own 3V3V regulator that protected it The QLG1 GPS rx was not yet connected besides its chip has it own 3V3 So i had to program a new  ATMGA328   with U3S V312.hex The ATMEGA328 was programmed  with an other device verified okay But it would not boot. I had to use my own ISP Ponyprog and SI-IO interface Ponyprog V2.08d beta has the ATMEGA328 in the device list Earlier version not. With SI-IO to the U3 SPI socket it first failed to see the 328. 2 things where wrong: 1.The U3 Reset needs R3  100k  (91k)   not the jumper to +5 2. Had to remove C1 on C


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