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W10 upgrade failure

This Thinkpad W510 with Samsung 840EVO 500GB SSD  does pass the W10 compatibiliteit test but then fails to upgrade. Would like to change to W10 since it is an improve over W7    "the system reserved partition can not be updated" must be the 100MB active boot partition that has only 7MB free? The message is unclear but has to do with a partition that can not be altered so it must be the 100MB partition. The W10 test did overlook this. And there seems no way to increase this 100MB partition. Windows disk-manager can free diskspace  at the  upper-side  "right" of the C partition  Win.DM is easy  no need to reboot to apply changes like other DM need. I need free space adjacent to the 100MB to resize it to 200MB f.i. Have not found a disk manager that can do this. I tried:   Minitool Partition Wizzard Free 9.1    (download name:  PWfree91.exe) There  it looks as if it is possible to increase the 100MB partition but after reboot the Partiton b


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