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4m UN7 zone 17 no copy in zone zero

124700 -21 0.4 1105 ~ M0UKR UN7MBH R-23 130300 -15 0.2 1654 ~ CQ UN3M LO61       CQ Zone 17 the only 2 decodes in JO33hg. The propagation stopped 150km south of me as usual  4m 5ele DK7ZB free radio horizon 22mag i hear al non DX very well on it.. I left the radio frustrated an enjoyed the fine summer weather outside with dinner. later PA3ECU called me thanks Ruud . 5T5PA Johannes was at 50323 FT8 fox mode copied 5T5PA -4 -6 2 channels  and after E31A the 2nd Africa'n DX with Johannes 5T5PA in IL20   great activity our 6m radio hope for Africa.


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