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Mean time the expedition is over and the operators left. No cheep flights available   56000$ flight cost alone! crazy  I guess once landed at such remote locations the $$$$$ signs turn up in the eyes of the transport companies .. I have send some donation.. but it's their choice to go to this locations Rayan air does not fly on it..  Like the story of the very expensive boot trip home  last year  i forgot the name of that expedition but they had to go with a small open boot in high waves.  For a save return one has to pay maximum .. 2014 had 100-dreds announced expeditions  F.i.  Palau 17x !  South Cook 7x  to name a few Reported as being  "stone deaf" by many. My impression too for most big dx-peditions.  But this time for a change my experience  is different  80m  1 March  easy in CW just a few calls needed  10m   CW  not so strong but 100W did it 12m   real weak  but i was heard 30m  no success but never heard them very strong. The best signal afte


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