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6m is a bit sad in WSPR

6m  is  poor not only in WSPR 6m  The highlights so far an other QSO with A92IO and heard J88ARC/B  at 50.0085   FM5WD and FG6GL  one evening since then not much but EU ES There was an opening to USA but not here in JO33hg as far as I know.   My 7 ele LFA  does work but i do not expect much at 50 here. I was hoping for more WSPR activity at 50MHz. T61AA Ross is the only Asian WSPR active it seems.  Until he gets his yagi's out of  storage he is using a wire.. 80m is still good even in these times with high a-index and long daylight. VK7DIK is still decoding me at 80m during greyline time. Lasts sometimes  way over 1 hour  and the result is complete different from day to day.   Yesterday  7 decodes by VK7DIK and 13 by VK5PJ I did not copy them. A decode here of VK is rare. I have not decoded a VK long time but been decoded many times even when the signals here are "strong" and i am decoded with 1W still no trace of VK7DIK or other VK's  on the screen. Eve


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