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VK2XN on 80m with 5W tonight

Since long time again VK on 80m   it's winter season  down under  and here a bit too...  it was very cool today grey sky and light rain May ended in style the coldest May ever?. This morning we had Aurora signals here not promising much good for DX on 6 and 4 ES But  new one on 4m SK3JR 70137.5 MHz  QSX 70.230MHz    very active in FSK high speed MS   from JP73WT good reflections here.  Z31MA another new DXCC was running MS too but not heard here. Busy with preparation of a bigger 4/6m antenna  I can still use some of the old elements tapered.  And it is possible to weld the elements using a simple hobby propane flame and Durafix welding rods. It is not as easy as soldering but it can be done. The tapered elements will not have losses in the joints. Although now I have enough aluminium in stock to make al elements new. It must be the age I do not want to just dump it. Best  greyline time can be seen nicely at  the signal peaks 20:30 UTC  PA0O   3.594035


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