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23 July 50MHz last day of super ES?

SPACEWEATHER   23 JULY                                                9K2YM  70.154Mhz                                             Trans Atlantic. beacon copy by  CT1HZE          70005.0  WG2XPN/B    2016Z 23 519 3xEs! That  beacon should be in FT8 window 70.154.. many USA calls copied XE2OR  1x only here not workable I tried 50.107 classic CW CQ  the  former.. DX part of 6m  was very quiet  during the best of the opening  2 weak USA responding 2018-07-23 13:53 N4ASF 50107.00 CW 519 519 K fm27do 2018-07-23 14:05 K4SN 50107.00 CW 529 559 K el96dc


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