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No internet in Gemany

Again in Germany for the job this week Stayed in Bad Bevesen   very nice place very quiet too. No internet in the Hotel that is too stressful ... The thunderstorm made that I had to let switch off the WSPR PC and antenna. So not QRV at all  this week. Not even in WSPR There where some nice openings reported at 6m  even in my area. JA BA4SI  the one I could not hear last weekend.. Caribbean area  again. J88ARC  heard 2 times now  it is still a new one for me  I missed T89PAK  also. Well it is not that important  maybe next year... Just the RUN to USA  the weekend 18/19 June was my best result In the yet unknown contest !!  I still do not know what contest this was  must have been the UKSMG  test ?   But that one was  not announced   for 18/19 June  but already had been on 6 of June. The SMIRK was announced in that weekend. I send my log to SMIRK but it returned. Converted the log to  UKSMG contest and send it to them... I think that was a fake contest  once s


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