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FT8 160m Japan pile up in a busy CQWW PHONE top band !

Every HAM knows that the CQWW Phone weekend in topband is not exactly a pleasure for CW DX  friends..
Hard to believe but  this is no obstacle for  FT8
In a crowded CQWW SSB 160m band I was  having a pile up of Japanese stations  running CQ barefoot
Receive 1908kHz dial   Transmit 1840kHz dial
JA with the typical deep QSB  but  most callers in the log  19 Japanese HAMS thanks for calling
also seen HL3GOB and another HL forgot the callsign  HL3GOB  was worked 6M in summer
real magic    !

NextCall signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSLDetailsPA0OJA2WYN2018-10-28 21:08:15160MFT81.90852DetailsPA0OJA3PIS2018-10-28 20:53:00160MFT81.90852DetailsPA0OJA2NDQ2018-10-28 20:51:45160MFT81.90852JAPANDetailsPA0OJA2BDR