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Chinese connectors N-SMA , 23 January tropo

Last microwave meeting Heelweg,  I wanted to test my 23cm LNA  MMC SKY67151 Like picture below but N connector version . The older type below has a bandpass 100MHz / -3db  exellent results low noise high gain no self oscillation no more 4G interference. The newer type has 20MHz bandpass a HAM friend wanted my old to use it for 23 ATV And i got a new in return Needed   N-SMA adapters since my tiny XVTR box at the dish uses SMA type relay The pre-amp / XVTR is direct at the dish. I got 2 "Chinese" N-SMA with it The measure crew at the noise figure stand told me right away you can throw this N-SMA in the bin... But please measure first and judge then.. It was found that the suspect adapter is not bad at all  adding about only 0.1dB to the noise figure. That is a normal insertion loss for a connector. A brand adapter Amphenol  offered 10€ used but gave no less noise then the suspect. Then another brand type w

Band hopping 630/2200m over night

Automatic hopping had result last night At  2200m the best heard DX sofar 630m no  t.a.  decodes this night Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2020-01-24 06:34   K3RWR   0.137482   -28   0   FM18qi   1   PA0O   JO33hg   6279   45   2020-01-24 05:52   K3RWR   0.137482   -27   0   FM18qi   1   F4GUK   JN18gt   6190   52   2020-01-24 05:40   K3RWR   0.137482   -29   0   FM18qi   1   ON5KQ   JO10os   6157   49   2020-01-24 02:16   K3RWR   0.137482   -27   0   FM18qi   1   ON5KQ   JO10os   6157   49   2020-01-24 08:28   K3RWR   0.137482   -28   0   FM18qi   1   LA2XPA   JP33wi   6000   34   2020-01-23 23:22   K3RWR   0.137482   -31   0   FM18qi   1   EA8BFK   IL38bo   5809   81   2020-01-24 05:16   K3RWR   0.137482   -31   0   FM18qi   1   2E0ILY   IO82   5689   49   2020-01-24 08:28   K3RWR   0.137482   -25   0   FM18qi   1   EB8ARZ/2   IL18uk   5609   82  Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az # Spots  2020-01-23 18:12   VK

136kHz receiving noise in WSPR window at nights

Darrin KE9NS did release  P-SDR Version  supporting the MCP23017  I/O expander. Big thanks great job! Automatic bandpass selecting / hopping now also works for the "XVTR" bands 2200m and 630m. The Flex1500  needs external Bandfilters for 137 / 475 kHz  i.e. below 482kHz the bandfilter section is bypassed. 2200m and 630m are added as XVTR bands and use the  BNC port XVTX/C for external bandfilters and antenna. in TX the output is about 0dBm over the XVTX/C port The I2C flexwire is connected to MCP23017 I2C i/o expand band switching The MCP23017  external slave address lines: A0=A1=1(Vcc) ,  A2=0 Then 474kHz /630m band    GPIO A0=low  A1=high = 3.2V and 136kHz /2200m band  A0=hi    A1 =low The GPIO are active high in on state so the circuit can be kept very simple. Only output A0 is used To switch the small relays of my dual bandfilter only an TUN o.c. is needed GPIO A0  active high 3.2V  4k7k at the base of o.c. TUN to select band pass filter 2200m

2020 with beam

overnight LF rx TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz# Spots 2020-01-06 06:58  K3MF  0.137405  -28  0  FM19sr  1  PA0O  JO33hg  6162  46  3  2020-01-05 22:32  N1BUG  0.137438  -24  0  FN55mf  1  PA0O  JO33hg  5297  52  55  2020-01-05 22:52  OE3EMC  0.137433  -26  0  JN78jo  0.001  PA0O  JO33hg  772  315  20  2020-01-05 22:40  G8HUH  0.137450  -23  0  IO81mg  0.1  PA0O  JO33hg  688  67  1  2020-01-06 05:56  F4GUK  0.137456  -27  0  JN18gt  0.2  PA0O  JO33hg  572  28  2  2020-01-05 22:20  DL7NN  0.137440  -2  0  JO60it  1  PA0O  JO33hg  498  306  45  2020-01-05 22:20  G6AVK  0.137570  -20  0  JO01ho  0.05  PA0O  JO33hg  447  63  3

NAC 28MHz ... Boreal Activity Contest

Thursday evening Nordic Activity Contest NAC 28MHz  or should it be the Boreal Activity Contest (...) a good test for the Steppir  on a "dead"band several OH SM signals seen at 28074   ...  in the FT8 window  .. where else ;-) this time i tried to start WSJT-x  from out N1MM Normally i start WSJT-x first then N1MM and click away the CAT error popups N1MM is running the back round This way WSJT FT8 QSO are also logged in N1MM  general logging data Provided N1MM   WSJT UDP  setting is checked  a bit complicated but it works starting WSJT-x from out N1MM  integrated WSJT-x gave Rig  Control Error after closing N1MM   WSJT-x  now called   WSJT-x-ForEW1  runs  i guess i have to modify the configuration to run both simultane Need to close N1MM  to run now called WSJT-X - ForEW1 Contest mode  config  automatic logging checked It runs in a new ForEW1 user domain so the existing WSJT is unchanged the last hour of this test WSJT-x crashed  when mixing


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