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Showing posts from January 17, 2016


Monday afternoon/evening  at arrive home from QRL
heard good at 3524kHz best copy so far 559
The first time at 80m in W-EU?  so low chance with all the big guns in the waiting room
It has to be early just before our sunset to KH5 i think  lost the signal before their sunrise
Later 20m weaker arctic flutter  signal   they need huge ERP to get in the log from here.

Palmyra K5P   poor signals in this propagation
mainly working USA and JA
Here heard only  at 7001 KHz today weak under heavy QRI  DQRM  tuners etc the usual lids
earlier this week better Q5 cpy 7014   and  30m
K5P  14081 RTTY heard but under decoding level.
poor propagation  and D-QRM

Repaired the "CQWW" damage to  40/20m traps
The tuning is 100kc lower in the CW part  but adjusting the tuning of the elements is possible with the sections and topload.

PE melted down.. now using PTFE tubes

Perfect match low in CW part 40 and 20  tuning 100kc lower with the PTFE fiber reinforced coil sections but that can be adjuste…