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4 ele STEPPIR versus 7 ele LFA ??

Found 50MHz closed in the morning. I have the relative heavy 9m long 7ele LFA back at 22 M ag Now I can make a direct compare On LX0SIX  50.02165 : The Steppir 4ele  included the extra 6meter director At about 16Mm a.g. and 60m coax cable And the 7 ele 9m boom at 22m ag 30m H2000 Yes  there is a clear audio difference in favour for the 7ele But I would expect S units difference? 1 S-unit  only I think Or the STEPPIR is super or this LFA  is doing not much It is time to make a small good designed 6m/4m Una .. And forget about this dragon... This pictures made Saturday when I first could see the results of last night. The  white line 160m inv-L  is kept free from the boom by the spreader wires   this way I can rotate the 6M yagi without detuning / sparks The JIDX  some JA's with good signals I guess only the big guns this time. Few weeks ago one could work JA in FM 10W.. PABEKER-CW  33 QSO  toen maar aan de koffie en gestopt  er kwam niemand meer retour 


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