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Stew Perry Distance Challenge 160m

Remarkable low level of atmospheric noise  the S-meter barely moved higher then S6 on the vertical. No Beverage need But low activity   10 W's heard 2 in the log. NP2A nice signal best DX heard No other PA heard but it was deep in the night 03 when I quit.         Band    QSOs    Pts          1.8      36     174        Total      36     174 i can multiply with 1.5   100W max I like this type of exchange   like the CQWW VHF    VI. Exchange Callsign and Maidenhead grid locator (4 characters, e.g., EM15). Signal reports are not required and should not be included in the log entry.     5. QSO Points: The number of QSO points for each contact depends on the distance between the two stations. This is computed by taking the distance between the centers of the two grid squares. Count a minimum of one point per QSO and an additional point for every 500 kilometers distance. For example, a QSO with a station 1750 kilometers away will count for 4 QSO


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