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N1MM Spectrum display with Hackrf1

N1MM does offer a Spectrum Display  that can display a panoramic view some  newer radio's support band data from the first broad m.f.  like the IC7300 Radios that connect to the PC using USB or WAN can offer a data stream to N1MM Spectrum Display so older types need an other solution. My K3 is connected with rs232 for CAT for low speed serial data  like frequency mode T/R CW keying  The Hackrf1 i recently got can be used  if your K3  has the Xverter I/O option. Hrf1 should already be working okay with SDR-console or SDR# before trying to connect with N1MM Spectrum Display Download ExtIO_HackRF.DLL This ExtIO_HackRF.dll   must be copied to the N1MM  program directory.    C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM Logger+ Connect the  Hackrf1 with the IF out. Hrf1 USB should be pluged in , no other  SDR program must be running with it. Start N1MM like used to  then open window Spectrum Display In my case the N1MM Spectrum display auto


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