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K3 with 144MHz XVTR integrated

Meantime i use the old IC706 had some RX IMD issue with very strong local signals also switching T/R had some TX spike that activated my SWR protection hence de TX is disabled until reset with power cycle. The Hi-level mixer XVTR  tried also but still blocking on strong local signals Possible i need to adjust the the level of  116 injection.  This is how the 144/28 fits into the K3 with 2nd Rx and KXV3 Also with the original  Elecraft  144MHz  you will need to fit an extra Antenna connector  BNC I drilled an  20mm pass trough hole to lead the  coax  through the PA compartment to the 144 BNC This is a delicate job it needs precautions to avoid damage. I removed the left side panel and used a trapped small multi hole drill with an extension hexa shaft. those one's are available at eBay and are very good to have. An automatic 12V 144 band  power switch must be added. A P-channel IRF9540 with some logic switches 12V at 144MHz band Th


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