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Stew Perry 160m

WSPR 80 and 160 has been closed for DX  long time here so..  As expected poor propagation for the Stew Perry 160 DX challenge   unfortunately.     The SP to pband DX chalence  is a contest where DX counts and  lower power is rewarded with a multiplier. x2  or QRP x4 The contest time is 24 hou r Sat. Sun . 1500-1500UTC    2 Effective time's   SS Saturday and SR S u nday Sat urday evening A65BP  as best dx with reasonable signal and goo d ears and   some UA9 N ot much activi ty  60 QSO Sund ay morning SR  to west  glad to make 3 Q   (with 100 W )  1833 CW 2012-10-21 0511 PA0O          599 JO33   KK3AN         599 FN00           20  1830 CW 2012-10-21 0519 PA0O          599 JO33   K1LT          599 EM89           21  1822 CW 2012-10-21 0541 PA0O          599 JO33   N4XD          599 FM05           21   O nly 3 more heard!   FM5CD KV4FZ N3QE that could not be worked. last year result    high power CALL         C P GRID  RAW   DUPE BUST QSO   PTS  GRD  CALL -B


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