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U3S in Alberta and BC during holiday trip

During our voyage from Calgary to Vancouver  i had an U3S 200mW  and short wire antenna  on at some locations. 50 spots where the results   6m and 10m no spots.  using a magnet foot short VHF antenna. With 6m wire extended I was spotted at 7 and 10 MHz  as the table down. We traveled from Calgary to  Ucluelet Vancouver island  in 16 days.                                                       Fraser river canyon  Rocky Mountaines                                                     downtown Vancouver   Our impression fantastic scenery landscape . Beautiful national parks. Friendly open people.  Polite and relaxed trafic. Clean public room no graffiti or vandalism. Open public toilets  very clean and heated. That would be impossible in our country full of vandals and rude trafic behavior. We felt save in Canada .                                            foto:  Ben Leewenburgh  erg bedankt very good Visible Aurora through the plane window13 Oktober


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