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ARRL CW is the mother of all Contests..
Back in 1970 ties we where  PA0GN  ,handwritten paper logs no internet no PC.'s
After contest with koffie en koek, dub check at the home of  Geert PA0GIN  Corrie and dog Sheila.
Those days the cw  and phone took both 2 weekends 2 x 48 hour CW .

Must be the only active HF contester's of this group left with Enno PF5X
But  PI4GN is active in UHF SHF contests.

Last weekend during our PACC storm depression Ciara came along.
This weekend we had another storm visiting called Dennis.
Friday I attempted to set up a better 40m dipole but i could not get it tuned like it did last weekend.
Now i know why, the fold back wires came too close to each other and eliminated induction.
But Dennis ended antenna work.

Anyway i was okay for 160 80 20 15  and the 80 dipole on 40 that worked a bit
my result

15m open a bit 
20m was open long and good signals  CA MT BC WA AZ OR  SK NB MB VY0 AB
Wyoming WY was spotted but not heard the only missing State.

 40m w…