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June summer contest 50MHz UKSMG

                                            l2 hours 6m all modes FT8 heard VP2EIH VE1PZ  PZ5RA PV8DX YV5LI HH2JR HH70A (WSJT-x refused to pick up that callsign with d-click) and HI  KP4   but only  CO8LY was 2-way on  alternative 50.323 one way propagation for all other DX They where working Italians but Mediterranean ham's can work  late night into the Caribbean    while here the band is closing short after sunset. Weekend lot of contest activity   unlike HF easy  PG7V  contest calendar for  VHF UHF contest date's there is no easy complete calendar site?   Microwave contest  Saturday June 2 1200u  Sunday 1200u      managed 8 QSO   1296 MHz   after  an easy random  QSO with OK2       activity dropped and  no more sked's requests at KST2ME I like 23cm. My station is good RX  and TX >30W direct  at the 1m2 dish feedpoint But too much noise for me. Same time 6m was buzzing so i decided for contest at 6m WA7BNM  d


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