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80m GP exit

Trying to get TT8TT  on 80M cw  good copy but many many calls no reply it felt like tx-ing in  a dummy load. I heard the lid festival too long and start ing to think those lids that QRM-ing the DX  sending:  "idiots" do have a point.   My 80m antenna  was a vertical wire hanging down in parallel separated a few meters from the mast of 27m high. S ometimes it seemed to work good but the performance was never real good.  In times of good conditions the efficiency is of lower importance. But since the last good times on 10m  in the start of October the propagation went down a lot. So exit  80m GPand see if there is an antenna that gives more joy. Now I am testing  a full wave loop for 80m The lowest SWR  2 bit high at the cw part of 80m But it seems to work even at 12M  easy QSO VK9XM in a pile Not a bad start for a piece of wire.. I had to bring the mast down since the pulley on top felt down and then I had to clear some trees in the way needed the chainsaw


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