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Even with SF=73 and minimal band conditions compared to previous years where all of  USA was workable it was again an interesting event  including nightly antenna work. And still interesting DX  like 3B9HA and others  4ele 10 and15m put up for this occasion.  Sunday morning i could see the result in daylight. Started with low power and dipole S&P  Saturday Decided to change from dipole to 4 el  that kept me busy Saturday afternoon till after dark No good timing since Saturday afternoon  and evening held the better part of propagation. But it was still dry no wind and I thought  the cold i had was cured... New is a solar panel PV-C  20dB noise   in North direction from west to east. The last year new PV converter of my  neighbor does generate noise from 1 to at least 70MHz broad  noise  and  digi spurious each 200kHz  to  9+20 at 14MHz I have done some noise tracing and found the noise source is concentrated near the display/CPU of this PV-converter even whe


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